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Lost British Passport

Losing a passport is always a worrying time, but if you’re in a country other than Britain it may seem even more worrying having to apply for a new one. However, to replace a UK passport in the United States is actually not as difficult as you might expect, and anyone who has lost their UK passport in the USA can apply for a new one.

Have You Reported Your Lost UK Passport in the USA?

Before you even start contemplating getting a replacement British passport you need to have your current one cancelled in case anyone tries to use it fraudulently. You should do this both when it has been stolen and when it’s simply lost, as either way someone may try to use it.

The loss should be reported as soon as possible to the local police and/or direct to the British Embassy in Washington DC and you will need to fill out Form LS01 – the Lost or Stolen Notification Form. This form is then passed on to the Identity and Passport Service who will cancel your lost passport. If you happen to find your lost passport in the meantime you cannot use it for travel.

Replacing a Lost UK Passport in the USA

You don’t have to apply for a replacement passport as soon as you lose your current one, but it’s a good idea to do so in case you need to travel unexpectedly. Applying to replace a lost British passport in the USA does take longer than a standard renewal application (up to six weeks), so it’s worth starting the process as soon as possible.

To replace an adult British passport after completing Form LS01 you need to fill out Form C1, available from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website. Make sure that you check Box A to indicate that this is for a replacement for a standard UK passport that is lost or stolen, and also fill out Section 5 which asks for information relating to your current passport and how it has been lost or stolen.

If you had a child detailed on your current British passport you cannot get a new passport with them included on it; they will have to apply for their own passport at this time, as per current regulations. However, if the child had their own passport and that has been lost or stolen as well you can apply to have their lost UK passport replaced. Form LS01 should again be completed, then fill out the child Form C2. Check Box A to indicate that it is an application for replacement of a lost passport, and make sure Section 4 is completed with details of the loss.

When applying to replace a lost UK passport in the USA the application must be countersigned, whether it’s Form C1 or Form C2. This is different to a standard renewal when it does not have to be countersigned, so please remember to do this.

Mailing Your Application to Replace a Lost British Passport in the USA

Along with Form C1 (or C2 if for a child) there are a couple more things you will need to send with your application. If you didn’t already send Form LS01 remember to include this, plus a Police Report if you reported the loss. A photocopy of one piece of ID is also required, such as your driver’s license, and possibly your original birth certificate.

It’s annoying having to pay out for a lost UK passport in the USA, but unfortunately you will have to pay the standard fees otherwise your application will not be processed. If you need assistance with the process, It’s Easy Passport is an experienced passport expediting service that has many years of experience obtaining both U.S. and UK passports quickly. Visit It’s Easy if you want expert help to replace a lost British passport.