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UK Passport Fees

UK Passport and American Dollars used to Pay Passport FeesWhether you’re applying for a British passport from within the UK or from abroad you will always have to pay the passport fee. You may be renewing an existing passport, applying for a new one, or replacing one that has been lost or stolen, but whatever the case, the fee is always the same.

How Much to Get a UK Passport in the USA?

So what is the fee, and under what circumstances can it vary? Well, there are three price levels to consider. The cheapest UK passport fees in the US are when you are applying for a child’s passport. The cost of a child’s UK passport in the USA is cheaper than that of an adult because children’s passports are only valid for a period of five years, compared to ten years for an adult’s passport.

Adults, on the other hand, can decide as to whether you want to apply for the standard 32-page passport, or the larger 48-page passport, which is useful if you are planning on doing a lot of traveling over the next ten years. For any adults who maybe travel abroad once a year, the 32-page passport is probably large enough, though you should think about this carefully. If your passport does become nearly full, some countries may deny you entry as they have no pages left to stamp their visa into. A child’s passport always comes with the standard 32 pages.

At this time, the cost of a UK passport in the USA is $134 for a child, $211 for an adult 32-page, and $255 for an adult 48 page.

Everyone applying in the USA must also add on the $33 courier fee which covers the return cost of your documents (if applicable) and your passport. This is non-negotiable and the reason why it is such a high amount is because the passport is actually produced in the UK and sent from there rather than in the US itself. The courier fee therefore covers the cost of having DHL deliver the passport to your home address from the UK.

How to Pay the UK Passport Fees in the US

Because you are applying in the US you need to make the payment in US dollars, not in the equivalent Sterling amount. There are several methods of payment you can choose from, but please note that personal checks, even those that have been certified, and cash, are not accepted as ways to pay.

UK passport fees in the US can be paid by credit card if you fill out the credit card authorization form in full. If your credit card was issued in the UK, or a country other than the US, you may wish to check whether there will be a handling fee as the amount will be taken in US dollars, not your local currency.

If you prefer not to use a credit card to pay the cost of a UK passport in the USA, there are a couple other methods you can choose from: money orders, or a cashier or bankers certified check. These should be made out to the ‘British Embassy Government Account’.

Getting It Right First Time

You should make note that if there are any problems with your application, such as missing documentation, inadequate fees, or the form has not been completed properly, your whole passport application will be sent back to you. Once processing of your application has started the fees are non-refundable, so you cannot cancel the process and get a refund.

Also note that if you notice an error on your passport when it is returned to you, you should send it back to the processing center as soon as possible, where it will be corrected free of charge; however, if you wait and contact the processing center after a period of 6 months has passed you will have to apply for a new passport and pay the full UK passport fees again.